13000255_10156740273285697_8433500442769037072_nOur first dry-land training day went above and beyond all expectations yesterday. It was a cold day yet we had a full complement of people out for an intense workout put together by Coach. As a matter of fact, we effectively had a full boat and this shows the level of commitment and enthusiasm everyone is showing for the new team. We also had a couple of new faces that showed up and they clearly got into the general vibe of the team.

Training started with a quick warm up run to Sunnyside. Coach had setup a bunch of stations and paired everyone up. The stations ranged from supine rows to my personal favorite, the rest station. In pairs, our job was to motivated and push our training partner. There was plenty of laughter but everyone was very focused and on task.

Two circuits later, the crowd mysteriously faded away as mysteriously as they appeared.

First Practice of the Season

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